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viernes, 15 de febrero de 2013

Fire agate healing properties

                Fire agate window                                       

About the metaphysical properties of gemstones has said much, not now but many centuries ago, so I do not think this is pure commercialism, that before had no marketing or Advertisers.

I, in particular the fire agate feel, gives me energy, I'm sorry to cut this stone, and using it in a piece of jewelry.

I should add here, that for many years remained absolutely indifferent to these so-called metaphysical powers or powers of gemstones, but he was a big fan and look for carving, and was later that I learned the craft jewelry, but I started on this, looking stones in the field.

If we accept that life is energy, then we can say that the fire agate, gives life, why? gives life?, because, as I said before energizes, we know there are quartz watches, walking with quartz, ie quartz clock makes walking, and this for those who have no knowledge of this sort of thing somehow us to understand, that is the energy of quartz which makes the watch really walk? well this is it in a rudimentary way.

I'm just trying to stick to reality, but there are many things we can not see and there, also there are many other things that we can not understand and there.

I'm not trying to convince anyone to sell my stones, I'm just telling you my personal experience with them.

Now I think I can say with Leon Dee Hughes, who owned the Deer Creek mine in Arizona. "Not rich but I did find happiness."

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