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jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013

For that, find fire agate mother of good fortune.

 It could read continuously online and in books, that fire agate is very difficult to carve, this is true, but only for beginners ing, the truth is that, with practice it becomes very easy, if not becomes a real pleasure, because why would the discovering little by little the fire hidden treasure hidden in the rough stone is very pleasant, for the money that it represents and the beauty of the colors and patterns in the stone .

 One can almost say that there are no stones bad, but we must carve, that a layer of fire, almost always followed by another layer of fire is down, so if you make the mistake of deleting the fire with emery, almost always get a second chance, but the stone is thinner, can be even thinner than the first layer or layers can be staggered and therefore the richest colors and patterns.

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