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viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013

Original jewelry and standardization of Life

A handmade jewelry, it is called in some parts designer jewelery, other jewelery studio, or contemporary jewelry are just terms to try to name the jewelry off the charts, which is not made in series or in other words the original jewelry or jewelry unique handmade pieces to making this type of jewelry artists are called, I think the name of artisans to some it seems a small thing.

I went to look first fond of fire agates, then cut and polish and final-assembly mind, I now realize that it was not a logical consequence now being doing this type of jewelry, all this was gradual and almost realize.

In the case of the fire agate original what the finished piece starts from size of the stone, that the nature of the stone itself can not handle another size for it to be correct,

Thus we see that this stone is in its element in the designer jewelery or craft may be called, anyway, I think that the short term matter.

What matters is that if given the gem is original.

And what is the importance of the gem is original and natural? Importance I believe that God was in nature no beings made ​​equal but different and puts the jewel somehow manifest.

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