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jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013

The jewelry fire agate Alberto Thirion

If someone had told me some time, say a gypsy of those you read the hand, to divine your future and your luck, I was going to make jewelry, I would have laughed descarad-ously on his face.

However, today I am hacendo handmade jewelry.

I was given the power to do it, that I have a gift born leg drawing, which applied to jewelry is just what they call in jewelry design, in order and nothing is more inventive, inventiveness applied to handmade jewelry.

Prior to devote to this, as I said before, my job was in the woods, forests exploiting forest of my own one day, walking through those woods gemstones found, then learned to cut and polish the cut-and I got to mount logical or spend them on various jewelry wing mounts this is naturally to give added value to the raw material and benefit more, this from the economic point of view, on the other hand there is a satisfaction in finding a stone, then find it, and then cut in our workshop, carve-la and polish, and finally mount it and then sell it, and they do this all our hands.

What is jewelry?

The short answer is, it depends on what kind of jewelry we are talking, in this case we speak of handmade jewelry and unique pieces.

On the other side is the jewelry industry, which is manufactured in series, ie thousands of identical parts, whether fine or baratas.en these machine-made pieces, also mounted, carved stones serial cut the extent of the mounting or calibrated.

I can say without fear of contradiction, that jewelry made in series, is for people who are also made in series, put another way for people with no personality, for people who are molded by the consumer society or a without any quality eduction.

This is the type of jewelry found in the vast majority of fine jewelry or currents.

The fire agate is a gemstone, off the charts and this Literally unbelievable, that can not be cut and carved correctly in series, wanting to do is take to lose 90% or more of a lot Gross, for this reason its popularity has grown, as it should because it has everything to be a stone as popular as Diamond, Ruby or Esmeralda.tiene beauty, rarity and hardness, ie all the main attributes that must have a true gem.

For this reason the kingdom's natural fire agate, handmade jewelry is fine jewelry or handmade unique pieces, exclusive jewelry for exclusive people as its name indicates, for people with personality.

Now to finish just say that, as is well known the subject of jewelry is very broad, but somehow, these letters help us understand the world of gemstones in America.

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