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lunes, 17 de agosto de 2015

Knowledge of gemstones by Alberto Thirion

Knowledge of gemstones comes as everything in life gradually and not without a few stumbles.When I discovered the beautiful in the mountains of Durango, northern Mexico, stones was through curazo, found some varieties opal and chalcedony.He was far from being the adventure that this finding would bring me in those distant years and there was very little information, you could find something on gemology in the books of geology, mineralogy and petrography.Which I literally devoured greedily after familiar with the nomenclature clearer it became interesting.Since then the use of the Internet and became popular things changed, but there was more shoddy, had to know how to separate fine wheat straw.Also gradually I got to know online sites with good information, in English, French, Italian and German.My thirst for knowledge by gemstones was and this coupled with my deep love of nature, the countryside and excursions for stones together with my dogs is one of my favorite pleasures, then already in the house and then carve and polish, used to spend hours watching the stones with different angles of light.Over time I learned to better plan these trips, with information from geological maps of the area to explore and if possible studies of Geology and Mineralogy likewise accompanied by native old place, always native old why are most known.Jewelers are curiously little affection for these field trips in search of gems, I search my memory and not remember ever been accompanied by a jeweler, it seems most of them are centered in his workshop in making jewelry to mount stones, other generally those open to the public, who can not polish a stone carving and jewelry, and certainly not well known, often can not distinguish a synthetic natural stone are simply traders.But hey that's the productive chain of the precious stones, which one must know very well, whether we specialize in one or more stones.A gem passes through many hands;First the mine prospector, then the workshop stoning, then the jeweler or artisan that sometimes the trader who usually sells finally published but sometimes, this is how a gemstone is gaining added value to finally reach the consumer final.

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