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miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2015

Fire agate ring fire agate jewelry by fireagate on Etsy

fire agate ring fire agate jewelry by fireagate on Etsy

Fire agate ring fire agate jewelry by fireagate on Etsy

Item:Ring Stone:fire agate Metal:925 Sterling Silver Total Size:26x 20 x 19 mm Total Weight:4.6 grams Ring size as US 7 Fire Agate
Most Valuable color is red, but they also wanted some blue pieces.
More information ?
Yuma, AZ: Castle Dome, AZ
The Castle Dome fire agate fields,on the eastern side of the Kofa mountains,in Yuma Country, Arizona;the Fire agate, probably the most common and valuable gemstone available in this area, is a variety of silica formed by volcanic activity. A multitude of shapes and colors are caused by mineral impurities in the silica. It is these impurities which make the fire agate distinctive. fire agate is considered a gemstone because of the play of the colors beneath its surface that is formed much as a pearl is formed in an oyster. Volcanic water seeps into cracks and crevices below the earth’s surface. The impact of the water drops separate some minerals from the water; the mineral stays and the agate grows. Fire agates are said to offer all the fiery color of gem opals, are less costly, are superior in hardness, and will not fade.
Be careful with fire!


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